Dear Dr Hedda on Beating Holiday Depression

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 10:36am by Dr Hedda Mae

Dear Dr Hedda:

I got the holiday blues. Same as last year and the year before. Everyone one of my friends get invited to the best parties with the great live bands and they drink and giggle into the new year. They get terrific, expensive, just-right, gifts and they meet interesting, available men.

Not me. I always get invited to the “B” parties and see some people I work with or the neighbors I don`t talk to any other time of the year. And even though I`’ve been a size 6 all my adult life my Mother always sends me a size large red sweater (family tradition).

The holiday season makes me think about how lousy my life is. I`m lonely and see no way out. Oh I`m not suicidal, it`s all media and store hype. Buy. Drink. Spend. It just makes me wonder if after all
these years whyI haven`t learned something from this. On TV I see warm loving families smiling around their christmas tree. What I see is take out and my friend Netflix.

Am I the only one ? Do I have a genetic disorder that prevents me from drinking eggnog without gagging. Maybe it’s bad karma from another incarnation. Are there others like me ? Is there a dysxmasfunctional disorder?

Shoot, after this letter I`’ll probably get coals in a non environmentally approved plastic bag stocking.

Xmas, Bah! Humbug

Dear Bah:

Welcome to the media- induced-unrealistic-expectations holiday blues. You`re not alone. Some people tend to feel alienated from friends and family during this time of the year. Married with or without kids, dating couples, unattached people and especially the geriatric population all experience the
is this all there is feeling during the holidays.

You don`t need therapy or medication. What you need is to change your attitude. Be playful. Fake it if you have to. It`s only for a few weeks. If you`’re miserable it`s because you`’re choosing to be. It is a choice not a genetic disorder.

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