Dr Hedda on New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on Jan 7 2014 - 7:57pm by Melanie Love

Dear Dr Hedda:

What is it with New Year’s Resolutions ? It’s only been a few days and most of my friends don’t even remember what it was they were going to change in 2014. My family puts a lot of pressure on me to make at least 3 special resolutions each New Year’s Eve. It’s like a game we all agree to play. A make believe game. We all air our worst faults and promise ourselves and each other than this year we really are going to work on: a new job, losing those extra pounds, exercising more, etc…

Then in as little as two weeks the guilt sets in. I’m sitting in my living room watching mindless TV and eating potato chips. Nothing has changed. I may have exercised a few minutes longer than last year but, that’s it.

So I feel lousy, still alone, still a few pounds over weight and still with that stinking job.

Does anyone actually keep these resolutions ? Or do we just do it to punish ourselves for a sinful year past.

Still the Same

Dear Still the same:

You’re not alone in your feelings about the purpose of making a new years resolution.

It all started in 153 BC when the mythical king Janus was celebrated for his ability to both look forward and backward in time. It gave people a chance to reflect on the year past and make changes in their lives in the year coming.

New Years Eve is the only holiday that celebrates the passage of time.

63% of Americans do not make any resolutions. And 58% of the 37% who do make resolutions want to lose weight. Not exercise more, spend more time with loved ones more, eat healthy foods no, to easy, when you can just resolve to drop a few pounds some time this year.

We all have hopes and wishes but to write then down on a piece of paper and call it a done deal doesn’t work. We make changes all the time, whenever we mess up we know not to do it that way again, we get older, wiser, more experienced.

Hopefully by now we know that New Year’s Resolutions live in our heart with the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. We love them in theory but we know they are not real.

Dr Hedda

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