Prepare for Valentine’s Day!! It’s Just Around the Corner.

Posted on Jan 19 2018 - 1:26pm by Melanie Love

I know that Valentine’s Day sneaks up on all of us.

Sometimes we think about it ahead of time and procrastinate, other times we wake up in a panic realizing it’s Valentine’s Day. In both cases, we end up grabbing a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolate or even stuffed toy at the nearest pharmacy…in the least creative attempt at romance any partner would see through.

Your day of romance doesn’t have to end up anticlimactic this year. It doesn’t need to be a cliche and even though Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday in 2018, there are plenty of fun things for you and your partner to enjoy the evening together.

Here are some ideas:

Book a romantic getaway

Not for the couple on a budget, or who have to work and can’t book the time off, but if you can manage to get Thursday and Friday off, why not plan a romantic getaway.

There are amble sites that offer great deals for travel, and not all travel means flying around the world in a complicated mess.

A Getaway could be as simple as an AirBNB in the woods.

It’s about the change of routine, spending that time together, and having a mini adventure.

Make reservations to your favorite restaurant

Every couple should have that one special restaurant that they go to, or that holds a special place in their heart.

A night out at the restaurant and be like a mini vacation, because it gets you out of your kitchen and home, but on the flip side….you can also cook if cooking isn’t what you normally do to impress your partner. Sometimes staying in can lead to far more sensual things!

Be sure to have all the ingredients for a nice dinner…and some wine or cocktails. Make the restaurant experience in your own home.

Shop for a ring

If you have a romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day in mind, you better have your ring in place.

I am not into the proposing on Valentine’s Day because it’s already the day of Romance, and feel it’s important for you to carve your own storyline and create your own “Hallmark” holiday, but if you’re committed to the cause, you best have your ring ready! It’s kind of the most important part of a proposal.

Book a couples’ massage

There’s nothing quite like unwinding with a glass of wine and getting a deeply relaxing couples massage with your loved one. And because Valentine’s this year is in the middle of the week, it’s even more convenient for you to head straight home for a massage than venturing out in the cold.

There are many services that offer massages in the home, that are worth looking into. But a night spa treatment is ok too!

Order flowers online

Flowers may be as typical as stuffed animals or chocolate, but like a nicely written thoughtful card, people are ALWAYS happy to get them. Especially as a surprise delivery, but you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day for that. Do it as ofen as you can.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, keep things romantic.

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