Romance at ComicCon

Posted on Oct 13 2014 - 11:59am by Melanie Love


Comic Con is one of the best dates ever, as you’ll see plenty of his and hers’ geeks dressed in costumes holding hands while going to panels on the history of TV’s Batman (yes, and Adam West was there in the flesh) or Marvel’s 75th anniversary or The Walking Dead’s future. There’s always plenty of interesting swag, as well as original art and books, and this just may be the best place to shop for your Halloween costume. This year there’s even a ComicCon food truck offering FREE samples of fiction food such as Sponge Bob’s Krabby Pattys and Fall outs Nuka Cola. Saturday night is the big Cosplay prize pageant, which follows a performance of Cirque Du Soliel’s Ka, which has its own comic book. And it’s good to see the banners that read “Cosplay is not Consent” throughout the venue, boldly reminding anyone that just because someone is walking around in a form-fitting leotard, it is not an invitation for anything other than looking.

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