Sylvia Day- Luncheon Speech!

Posted on Jul 25 2014 - 1:14am by Kaitlyn Jeffries


Sylvia Day, best-selling author in over 21 countries, was the keynote speaker at today’s luncheon at RWA 2014 in San Antonio, TX, where all attendees were given three of her books, an audiobook and pair of celebrity sunglasses.

After accepting an awards for her efforts when volunteering on a national and local levels for RWA, Sylvia was honored for being an inspiration in the romance writing community. Sylvia’s speech promoted freedom from the fear of failure for authors who are struggling with the daily decisions of writing as a business because writing is, in fact, just that, a business. A business wherein Sylvia believes that you must be both savvy and willing to fail in order to learn from your mistakes.

Sylvia also made it a point to explain how far publishing has come from just being print to the now-booming ebook industry. She says that whether you are traditionally published, self-published or an independent writer, we are all united in promoting ourselves as business professionals as well as creative entrepreneurs.

However, through all the uplifting words there was some wisdom that the author shared with her audience. She made clear that creativity should be kept separate from business but not at the expense of creativity. Failure, in her opinion, can be outweighed by a good book.

She also warned people from succumbing to validation from those around them because that also aids to failure in expectations as well as business.

Day left with this message to all authors out there: “You’ve got this, you can do this!”

If I learned anything from Sylvia Day it’s to dream bigger, expect a lot from myself and to be smart in my business dealings.

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