140 Characters worth of Secrets, Love, and Life

Posted on Apr 5 2013 - 8:25pm by Jenna Carafa

Romance writers are just like you and me right? Of course they have lives outside the fantastic and beautiful world’s they create for us to read. So it is only natural that we as readers would have to find other ways to keep up with our favorite romance writers—such as Twitter. When some of our favorite writer’s aren’t busy creating new worlds and characters for their readers to fall in love with, they are just as busy giving play by plays of their days, tweeting fans, or giving inside information to possible new books or ideas. It is so easy to forget that these writer’s have responsibilities and lives outside of writing, so it is nice to see the occasional tweet from E.L James’ saying “Off to the movies.. :D” or Kyra Davis saying “Quick! What do I want for dinner? And don’t say chocolate chip cookies because I already had that as my appetizer.”

Naturally we want to know what goes on in these writer’s ever day lives with the hope that they may spill a secret or two about an upcoming book. So it’s nice to see some our favorite romance writers sharing with us their lives—and they’re not holding anything back.

Here’s a few tweets from some of our favorite romance writers telling us what they have been up to this week…

While some of our writer’s are busy working on their next book…

E.L. James:@E_L_James
“Inspiration #amwriting

Laurell K. Hamilton ‏@LKHamilton
“Tackling to do lists & organizing my office before I take the plunge into the deep end of the next book. Goal – clean desks before I start”

Alison Kent: @alisonkent
“2 hrs & 35 min remaining on laptop battery. Let’s see how much I can get done before I have to hunt down the cable and plug-in #amwriting”

Big news for these romance writers…sharing good news all around

Jodi Picoult‏: ‏@jodipicoult
“So excited to share this news: The Storyteller debuts at #1 in the UK!! This means it has hit #1 in the US, UK & AUS #worlddomination?

J. C. Reed: @JCReedAuthor
“**New Giveaway*** … #giveaway #WIN #Kindle #nook #itunes #kindlefire #amazon #litchat”

Maya Banks‏: @maya_banks “On my way to Katy Budget Books for the FEVER signing tonight! Hope to see some of y’all there! Xoxo”

Jamie McGuire: @JamieMcGuire
“WALKING DISASTER is officially the #1 best selling book I nthe iBookstore, AND officially on sale there, too! So…http://fb.me/2GhzuytNQ”

Other romance writers are giving us sneak peeks and hints on what we may expect for a future book…

Alison Kent: @alisonkent
“Ooh, I just decided something about a future hero. I think it will work and I lurve it!”

J.A. Redmerski‏: @Jredmerski
“So excited! Check out a free audio preview of my contemporary fantasy novel DIRTY EDEN: – I LOVE this narrator! :-D”

Lastly, some leave us with some words of wisdom and heartfelt stories…

Kyra Davis‏: @_KyraDavis
“Wrote a little tribute to my grandparents who helped make me into the woman/writer I am.” LINK

Harlan Coben‏: @HarlanCoben
“You don’t find the story, the story finds you.” If that’s true, you better yell “STORY? YO! I’M OVER HERE! STORY?” loud as you can.”

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