28 Days of Romance

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 6:15pm by Melanie Love

The people at Popsugar came up with a 28 days of romance challenge, that I think is a great idea.

I didn’t want to give away the whole article, but here’s the 28 day teaser. See the full detailed list HERE

Day 1: The Sexy Note

Day 2: Shower Time

Day 3: Go Commando

Day 4: The Snapshot

Day 5: Massage

Day 6: Sweets For Your Sweet

Day 7: Return to the Beginning

Day 8: May I Have This Dance?

Day 9: Role-Play

Day 10: Take a Stroll

Day 11: On Camera

Day 11: The Quickie

Day 12: The List

Day 13: The Public Act

Day 14: Be the Model

Day 15: Let the Games Begin

Day 16: No Sex, Just Kissing

Day 17: Wedding Song

Day 18: Food = Love

Day 19: Sexual, Chocolate

Day 20: Officer, We Have an Arrest

Day 21: The Wedding

Day 22: Sexy Sunday

Day 23: The Talk

Day 24: Lunch Is on Me

Day 25: Just For You

Day 26: Flirt and Tell

Day 27: Instruct and Deliver

Day 28: Stranger Saturday

See the whole list HERE

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