A Heart Wrenching Story That Will Make You Love All Moms

Posted on Jun 3 2015 - 11:17am by Allie Heart

A Mother’s Day video has recently gone viral on Facebook. I know it is a little late but once you hear it, you can agree that every day is Mother’s Day!

Annie and Chloe are two sisters who decided to make a video to tell the world how much they love and appreciate their mother for what she has done for them and their younger brother when they were children. In the video, the sisters use paper to tell the tale of their courageous mother. Annie and Chloe shares that when they were children, they went on a family vacation and rented a cabin that overlooked a cliff. The children were left in the car and the car unexpectedly begins to roll towards the cliff. Their mother notices and jumps in front of the SUV in efforts to stop the vehicle from falling off the cliff along with her three young children. Her body was run over which slowed down the truck enough for the grandfather to pull the emergency brake and save the children. Unfortunately, Annie and Chloe’s mother was left paralyzed from the waist down.

This accident happened back in 1999 and this family is still strong.

For Mother’s Day 2015, Annie and Chloe show their mom and the world that living with a paraplegic mother has made them better. They stare right back at anybody who stares at a mother in a wheelchair because she is the most supportive, caring, and loving mother they know. This story about a mother sacrificing herself for her children just goes to show that all mothers would do anything for their children, which is why Mother’s Day deserves more than one.

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