A working world- Keep the spark alive during the 9 to overtime

Posted on Mar 3 2013 - 8:34pm by Dakota Wilde

While you may want to stay in bed with your hunny, the 9-5 grind is a part of our Monday-Friday routine. Finding a job you truly love can be hard and a position with urgent priorities can put stress on any relationship.

Competition and working towards career goals can actually be quite healthy in the scheme of love, by supporting each other in decisions and dreaming big for the future this can act as a point of growth.

This definitely sounds easier than it actually is… so if your partners on the road or you work overtime on the regular here are some tips that can make your love life fresh while keeping you connected.

Communicate- The back bone of any relationship. Tell your partner funny stories about your day- laughing will make you feel closer even if you’re in a long distance relationship.

Share projects that you’re working at the job, this will give your partner an inside scoop about what’s going in your office life. If he knows you’re stressed about an upcoming deadline he will know the reasoning if you take the added stress out on him.

Send texts, emails, pictures or write an old-school letter to keep connected if you’re away from home.

Share goals- This may be personal or working goals, sharing future dreams can help you act together to make things happen. This is also a great way to reinforce the importance of a career when things get tough.

Have some fun- Make effort to spend time together, if you travel a lot for work this can be as simple as having chat on Skype. Be creative with your time together, get outside, share hobbies or get some needed r&r.

Get fit together- Exercising with your partner is known to strengthen trust and bonds. If you’re not a fan of the gym go on a hike, hit the slopes or play some hoops. Challenging each other can be good for your health and relationship.

Careers and love can both take hard work. A strong foundation at home will make you more focused in the work place, if overtime or a long distance relationship is putting stress on your 9-5 talk to your partner about ways to make things work for the both of you.

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