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Posted on Apr 7 2014 - 2:06pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

A bad April Fool’s joke or a shameful excuse of plagiarism from an extremely talented author? According to Lemony Snicket, fellow author Malcom Gladwell has stolen original material from his new book. He believes that Gladwell has plagiarized his latest book David & Goliath from his new book File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents. Snicket has recently commented on the issue to Publishers Weekly and stated that, “Every time I blink Malcom Gladwell steals from me like an outright outlier. I’ve reached the tipping point. It’s like an old biblical story I can’t think of right now.” To which Galdwell responded, “Mr. Snicket is asking all the wrong questions. He better watch out, or this will turn into a series of something or other.” Ouch! Using the Snicket’s bestseller, The Series of Unfortunate Events, is enough of a burn to cause outright war between these to respected authors. Now whether this is a publicity stunt to promote both authors new books or an actual issue of artistic integrity is up to interpretation, however I will let you be the judge.

In other April Fool’s news, popular website Reddit announced that it was updating its policy and banning classic novels from the subreddit discussion board. Their reasoning for doing this? “It was our hope that our early prank would foster discussion about popular books, other literary subreddits, and how bad it is to ban books. Happily it was a success!” This ‘joke’ stems from the reoccurring complaint that the website only discusses old books instead of the new or popular novels. We can agree to disagree on the discussion of older books versus newer books all day, but I think the bigger issue is banned books and its great that Reddit is addressing this topic.

With the success of the book turned movie, Divergent by author Veronica Roth, comes certain promotions and what better way to promote the trilogy than to start a summer camp? Yes, you read that correctly, there is a new summer camp for tweens to enjoy this coming August. The camp is five days long and includes three sessions that differ according to personality-based factions. If this camp is anything like the movie, these kids will be whipped into shape and ready to kick some ass.

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