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Posted on Jan 8 2013 - 12:03am by Melanie Love


Dear Lenny Love,

I am having a heated, lust filled, inter-office affair with the owner of the company I work for. This past holiday season, he told his wife and the rest of the office that he had a business conference in the Caribbean, when really he had a romantic getaway planned for me in the Caribbean. We decided to tell my colleagues that I was in Florida visiting my mom. Now I hate lying, but the truth could jeopardize everything. I am really falling for this guy and I love my job and my friends I work with. What do I do.

-Tanned and Torn

Affairs are fantastic for the period they remain affairs, only because they are heated, passionate and all around sexy as hell. Affairs are not fantastic when reality sets in, marriage responsibilities and love come into the mix. Your boss is in control of the situation, he would have left his wife if he wanted to leave his wife, he just likes the excitement of the whole experience. He has no intention of leaving her for you. This is a fling. I fear that you are getting caught up in the mix, mistaking passion for love, because affairs all the actual reality or baggage of a real relationship are thrown out the window, especially when on a luxury romantic retreat. Meaning, you’re in fantasy land girl and of course you are loving it, but you’ll likely be hurt in the end. Even if his wife does leave him, the likelihood of things working out for you when things become “real” are slim to none. Lust only goes so far. That’s why you shouldn’t mess with married men.

Now about you issue in lying to your co-workers, you know your personal business is your business, you can go where you please and you don’t have to report back to them. If you don’t want to lie, just avoid talking about the trip or making up stories of activities you did on the trip, because you will get caught in your lie and your bubble with be burst.

You played with fire, keep playing if you want to, but lies and deception are the foundation of this situation, you might as well keep it up until it all comes crashing down…because it will all come crashing down.

Good luck!!

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