Celebrity Romance: Caught! Married Men Loving Other Men

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 11:50pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

Celebrities and politicians are not the only people to have affairs, but it seems like the more recognition an individual has, the naughtier their sex life is revealed to be. Here’s a list that might surprise you: Some of your favorite men in Hollywood cheating on their wives with men.


(1) It has always been whispered that John Travolta was a smidgen bi-curious and often steps out of his marriage to dabble in the erotic arts with men. He obviously denies these speculations, but after being caught kissing a mystery man while he was de-boarding his private jet, his assertions of being 100% Hetero are a little doubtful.


(2) Ex dancer and boy toy to Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart wasn’t too smart with who he sexted when he wasn’t with his super diva girlfriend. Apparently, the reason for the couple’s split was due to Casper’s infidelities with two transsexuals. The ladies of Casper’s fantasies have admitted that Casper was only with Lopez for her fame. Oh well, Jennifer doesn’t seem to be hurting too much, as she is now enjoying motherhood and the single life.

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(3) Football player and husband to playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett, was recently busted for having an affair with a transsexual while wife Kendra was 8 months pregnant. If that’s not bad enough, Hank tried to take the Tiger Woods approach and pay off his mistress before she went to the press. Unfortunelty for him, $2,800 was not enough to make this mistress be quiet. She’s since released her story to the public and although Kendra has been pretty quiet through this whole thing, it’s rumored that she’s done with the marriage and is now focused on how she will provide for her children.


(4) After 34 years of marriage, you’d think you would know the person you sleep next to every night. Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, was caught cheating with a man 30 years his junior. It wasn’t until after his divorce from wife, Tina, that he decided to come out as an openly gay man.


(5) Back in 1997, a married with children Eddie Murphy was caught by police attempting to buy sexual services from a male prostitute. To this very day, Eddie claims that he was just doing the prostitute a favor. Okay Eddie, it’s a little convenient that he waited until after his family was out if town, before he went to ‘help’ a prostitute out.


(6) There has always been speculation as to the nature of Will and Jada Smith’s marriage. Whether it’s an open marriage, where both parties have sex with whomever, and I do me whomever, they want. Or maybe they’re just swingers, who knows? Until someone slips up and there just so happens to be a camera handy, well, we may just never know.

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