Celebrity Romance: Is Her Girl Crush the Same as Yours?

Posted on Jul 31 2014 - 2:38pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries


(1) Evan Rachel Wood let it be known via twitter that her celeb girl crush is Kristen Stewart. She even went so far as to say the she’s “Had a dream I made out with Kristen. Good Morning.”

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(2) Selena Gomez says that her girl crush is the very ‘adorable’ actress Zooey Deschanel from the hit TV show New Girl.


(3) Kim Kardashian is many a man’s secret siren, but who’s her ideal woman? Well, it is none other than the feisty Megan Fox.


(4) Likewise, Megan has often attested that Olivia Wilde makes her go wild…okay so that was corny, but Megan is quite sincere when she says; “Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands.” Alrighty then, Megan, get to strangling.


(5) Cameron Diaz says that she had a girl crush on the always buxom Pam Anderson. Hopefully, that is a reference to the young Baywatch Pam and not the older botox Pam, just saying.


(6) Disney starlet, Vanessa Hudgens still fan-girls-out whenever she catches a glimpse of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet and who can blame her? Angie is quite possibly the most beautiful human being on earth.


(7) Sexy bombshell Brooklyn Decker is a wet dream all by herself, but if I were Jennifer Aniston, I would be extremely flattered to know that the model thought that I was just as stunning as she is.


(8) Even after some cat scratching on the red carpet between the two starlets, Katy Perry still lists Miley Cyrus as one of her many girl crushes.


(9) Nicole Scherzinger, from the all-girl group Pussycat Dolls, says that she’s always found Halle Berry to be ‘naturally gorgeous’.


(10) My personal girl crush will forever be Christina Hendricks, from her days on broadway to her onscreen acting debut on Mad Men and I’m not the only one. Emma Stone has also stated that “Everything about her does it for me, that’s my kind of woman.” To say I agree would be putting it mildly.

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