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Christmas and Sex. Two words that aren’t normally thought of together, but they should be, because sharing intimacy with the one you love is one of God’s greatest gifts and something to be celebrated all through the year but especially now.

I love the holiday season. Holly makes me jolly and canes of candy are just dandy. Everything is merry and bright.

But it can also be hectic and stressful, turning a joyous time into a race to find the perfect gift. As the lyric says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” and you can make it that by remembering to carve out time for fun with the one you love—bedroom fun that is!

Everyone’s “cuppa warm cocoa” is different, so I sought out some friends to get their romantic or, even better, kinky ideas. I asked two questions: what’s the craziest romantic thing you’ve done on the holidays and what’s your favorite bedroom toy. But I warn you…this is most definitely NSFW!

Actor and international model Vikkas Bhardwaj knows romance and how to romance a lady, telling me, the “sweetest thing I have done is make a collage of her photos and get her a dozen roses and drop it at her door. When she woke up, she saw this and was the happiest. I like to give in every relationship. Not a taker. But a giver.”

That’s very good advice for any relationship — Be a giver, not a taker.

Book cover model and life coach, James D. Magnussen knows how to give too! Say’s James, “My favorite bedroom toy is the Lelo Wand. It’s waterproof and cordless so its application can take you anywhere. It’s my go to everyday toy. Whether it’s a bondage orgasm denial that runs hours long or a quickie before heading out the door it’s always the first toy I grab.”

USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, Eden Bradley , also knows that electricity is a girl’s best friend, whether for holiday lights or… Says Eden, “My long-time favorite is the Brookstone Theraspa Turbo Massager. It’s a heavy-duty massager, and not really intended for more sensual usage, but let me tell you, that thing will give you screaming multiples—and I DO mean screaming!—male or female. I recommend the side with the little textured roller. But be careful—I actually sprained my neck the first time I used it, and had to make up some stupid excuse when I went to work the next day, barely able to turn my head—but the sex injury was totally worth it! Just brace yourself and plan on incorporating a gag or some loud music if you have nosy neighbors. ; ) .”

Christmas holds some very romantic memories for Eden too. “This may seem silly, but my most romantic holiday moment was at Disneyland. The entire park was lit up with gorgeous, over-the-top holiday decorations, fireworks were exploding in the sky, and there was a long, lovely kiss under the big Christmas tree on Main Street… Even though this was with my now-ex, I still sigh over that evening—it was one of those times where no one else existed but us.”

I love it! I can picture the pretty lights and the festive atmosphere. Makes me want to drag my guy there right now!

Or perhaps take a trip to the East Coast, because A.C. Rose , author of Falling Hard for Fifty , wins for most sexy use of a city with her Romantic Holiday Romp. Say, A.C., “I once went on a kissing expedition of New York with a new boyfriend I began dating during the holidays. We tried to make out at my favorite New York City landmarks, starting in 30 Rockefeller Center, on the stairway that led from the lobby to a mezzanine area. Then we kissed behind the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, overlooking the skating rink. We grabbed a smooch in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Then we headed to the Waldorf Astoria and made our way onto a stairway outside the ballroom, until security asked us to cut it out. We headed to the corner of Park Avenue and 50th and, with Christmas decorations twinkling, and Grand Central Station and the Met Building looking over us, we kissed on a street corner—for a long time. It was kind of wild thing to do back then, to see if we could enjoy the city while getting lost in all that dopamine stirred up by smooching. We were young and it was way before 911 changed the city.”

Regarding the bedroom, A.C. Rose’s says, “Any toy that works the g-spot is alright by me. In tantric sex it is considered to be a woman’s ‘sacred spot.’ By massaging the sacred spot old pain and grief is released, and then great pleasure is discovered. Many modern tantra practitioners use hands but healthy, curved g-spotters help too.

Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer for naughty holiday nights! And there’s even one aptly named Icicles from the Adam & Eve.

If I were giving out an award for most festively kinky, it would go hands down (or hands on, LOL) to book-cover model and actor DeLonn Donovan. He told me, “The craziest romantic thing I’ve done on the holiday is strip completely down to my mistletoe (wink, wink). I used whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce to dress myself up as an “EDIBLE” Ginger Bread Man.”


As for the second question, Delonn says, “My favorite bedroom toy/device is actually a two for one. I love using vibrators coupled with hand/ankle cuffs. I love watching her moan and squirm while trying to get away and at the same time wanting more.”

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, of course, but there’s something for everyone at Adam & Eve online.

Erotic romance author Elizabeth SaFleur has a completely different take on romancing the holidays. “Well, it’s not sexual, but it’s romantic. The first year my husband and I were “together,” I gave him gifts based on the 12 Days of Christmas. So, he got one big present (for the partridge in a pear tree), then two (for two turtle doves), then three items (for three French hens) and so on. I sang the whole song and everything. He was moved to tears! He said no one had ever taken so much time for him at the holidays. I thought it was fun. Of course, now I have to do it every year. But it’s one of the most fun parts of the holiday for me. I mean, what am I going to get for number 11? Every year it’s an adventure.”

For toys, Elizabeth recommends a blindfold. I love the mystery of not knowing what comes next. 😉 .”

Cover model and author CJ Hollenbach is both creative and sweet, saying, “Craziest romantic thing I’ve done around the holidays? I wrote a few words in the snow so they could be seen from the second story bedroom window the next morning. That went over quite well!”

Leaving a special message for a lover to find is free, quick, and personal. And you don’t need snow to do it. Write in the sand at the beach. Use sticks or, in the fall, colored leaves. Flower petals in the bedroom. Chalk on the sidewalk. The sky’s the limit, literally, if you’ve got the bucks and don’t mind everyone and her mother seeing it.

CJ adds, “As far as ‘toys’ in the bedroom go, I think if you’re doing everything correctly and pushing all the right buttons you don’t really need them. I pride myself on being very “attentive” in that area and always garner high marks for my dismount!”

I bet he does!

USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt also takes her romance out of doors, telling me, “The craziest romantic thing I’ve ever done around the holidays is buy eight pink flamingos and put Santa hats on them to go with a sled that I put an inflatable Santa on. My husband loved the reindeers, but they got ruined in storage. I couldn’t find any reindeers but the flamingos were like 75% off.”

I can just picture them in the snow! And imagine the stares of the passersby. But best of all, laughing and frivolity in a relationship is the best foreplay.

As for toys, Jamie, knows how to play there as well. “OK, my favorite bedroom toy is candles! I have a seductive smelling candle that when it burns, it reduces into a low heat massage oil. So you can blow out the candle, pour the oil into your hand and massage it on yourself or your partner.”

That’s another great idea for a stocking stuffer! Give the Suntouched Massage Candle a try.

Lastly, there’s me.

As for sex, I can tell you that I’ve…done it on a boat and on a train, but not yet in a plane. On the beach and in the sea, even under a swaying palm tree. In a stable and on a table. Even carefully in the snow, but best of all was under a Christmas tree’s glow.

To get you started with the holly, jolly, check out my December 2014 post for Sugar-Plum or Chocolate Santa martini recipes. And don’t forget a naughty sugar-plum for your lover in the form of a candy ball gag. For other naughty boudoir gifts, check out my “toys” page at

Merry Christmas and God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen…and ladies too!

— Kate

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