Eric Lives! True Blood: Season 7, Episode 8

Posted on Aug 11 2014 - 1:02am by Lori Perkins


Eric, Pam and the Yakuza track down our dear Sarah Newlin, who has had visitations from her living and dead lovers telling her that tonight was going to be the night that she died. But when they find her, Pam says he will pull the pin on a grenade if they kill Sarah, so Eric bites her and finds himself cured.

Meanwhile Sookie and Bill cuddle and talk about their past. He says he realized there was so much darkness inside him, that he would never be the light she needed. She tells him that his love was a brighter light than anything she had ever known. And a cured Eric comes to Bill’s door and finds Sookie there. And then leaves her, promising to come back.

But you know Sookie, she can’t ever wait, so she drives to Fangtasia during the day to find Eric with the Yakuza. He pretends to glamor her and sends her away. But Sookie can never leave anything alone, so she breaks into the basement of Fangtasia and finds Sarah.

Then we have a visit with Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging up the backyard of Tara’s childhood home while under the influence of V, hoping to have their own visitation form Tara, and they do. We see a flashback to a nasty flight between her mother and her drunken father, where Tara let’s her mother see that she failed to use her father’s pistol on her dad. And tells her mother to stop blaming herself for their life, which she promises to do, then Tara disappears.

Violet sends Jason a photo of a bound Jessica while he is entertaining Hoyt and his new girlfriend, who follow him out to Violet’s place in his rescue mission. Violet is waiting for him, with Wade and Adylin tied to torture devices, as she explains how she is going to torture them all because Jason didn’t love her. As she begins to fly into a rage, Hoyt shoots and kills her.

And remembers how he once felt about Jessica, but not why. He goes to Bill’s house with a bag of his clean blood to offer to her for Bill.

Sookie brings Bill to the Fangtasia basement at dawn to drink from the Cure, only to have Bill say he doesn’t want her blood.

And the coming attractions remind us that there are only two episodes of The Final Season left, so we can all wonder just who Sookie and Jason and Jessica are going to end up with in the end.

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