Romance Beat Guide to the First Date

Posted on Jan 6 2013 - 6:27pm by tandysean

We all have been there. The dreaded first date. Where all your nerves are riled up, nervous of how the night is going to go. Nervous about how you are going to come across. Hoping there’s a spark, but telling yourself you don’t care either way. Anyway you dice it, it is stressful.

So we here at RomanceBeat put together a little guide to the first date.

1- Choose the Venue and Choose the Venue carefully:

It is okay to tell you boyfriend or husband that you don’t care where you want to go, or that they can decide, because ultimately, you’re an easy going person. Well don’t do that on the first date, because you may end up in hell. Have a list of places and activities you can escape from easily, or that you want to check out and make sure you have an out in case the date is a fail…and on the flip side of that, make sure you have a next stop in the event you are having a good time.

2- Put in Some Work

This may or may not be a first impressions situation, as you may know the person you are meeting, I mean that’s how you got into the first date situation to begin with. But put yourself together. That doesn’t mean get your hair and make-up done like it was your wedding night, it just means look good, feel good and present yourself in a way you want to be presented. You’re not necessarily doing a sales job, but you are marketing yourself.

3- Let the other person talk.

Having good conversation involves a little give and take, granted. But even if you are the more sociable one, use that to ask your date questions, and respond with interest. When he asks you questions, keep it simple. Don’t talk about how awkward things are, or about your ex, let him do that. The last thing you want to do is be the one digging your own grave. Not to mention, you also want to leave some sense of mystery if you like your date, so that they come back for more. It’s best to be yourself…but to keep the life story for your autobiography, not for first date night

4- Be respectful and pleasant.

Don’t complain, don’t whine, don’t show unhappiness, whether you hate the situation or not. Just keep up a facade if you have to. You are only in this for a few hours and then you can go home and things can go back to normal.

No one likes a brat, or a bitch. If you are respectful and honest you will leave both you and your date feeling happier and if it isn’t a love connection, maybe it will be a friendship.

5- Have fun and Play it Cool

If the date is amazing, play it cool, don’t rush or pressure your date to see each other again….you just met and had a good time, be a challenge…and even if the date is the worst, make the best of it, have fun with it, treat it like a joke or experience that you will tell your friends about. Laugh, smile, dance, enjoy. You aren’t marrying this guy, at least not then and there, so don’t treat it like it’s a job, or a marriage, or a disappointment because you didn’t connect the way you wanted to, or because he didn’t meet your expectations. You never know…if you let loose, without getting wasted and embarrassing yourself, magic can happen and really it’s good for your soul.

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