Female Celebrities Popping the Question

Posted on Sep 10 2013 - 11:35am by Katelyn Connor


As tradition has it, men are usually the ones to get down on one knee for the big romantic proposal. However, some lady celebrities took matters into their own hands when their beaus were just not up for the challenge. Here are their stories and how it all worked out.

Judge Judy Sheindlin was the one who made the final decision when considering marriage with her boyfriend Jerry Sheindlin, also a Judge, in 1978. She began asking him the tough questions about where he thought the relationship was going, and he tried to avoid them by questioning why they had to get married in the first place. However, this tough Judge wouldn’t have any of it. On Flag Day, she proposed, and they have been together ever since.

Britney Spears also has a pretty funny engagement story with Kevin Federline. In 2004, while they were on a plane to New York, Spears popped the question. Federline immediately rejected her- but then proposed to her only moments later. She, as we know, said yes.

Artist Pink’s proposal to Carey Hart in 2005 was probably the most romantic out of these three. During one of his motorcross races in Mammoth Lakes, she held up a sign that read “Will You Marry Me?”

These women redefined tradition when they took matters into their own hands to make their marriage dreams come true.

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