Getting Over Heartbreak from the Experts

Posted on May 27 2016 - 2:21pm by Melanie Love

Everyone has been there…in heartbreak territory. Sooner or later in many relationships, we find that one loves the other more. Over time, this inbalance is magnified and the relationship ends. Unfortunately for the heartbroken it becomes a sad and depressing time.

However, a group of savvy journalists got together and decided to pool their advice on how to make heartbreak time go faster. Take a look:

From Kylie Jenner to Katy Perry, heartbreak seems to be a little too common these days. Are you still reeling over a recent heartbreak?

Have you been dumped, or had to dump someone who did you wrong? Don’t worry, we’ve got 12 great ways to help get over it and move on!

Alright, HollywoodLifers — the staff has some great advice for those of you desperate to get over your latest failed romance. If you’re ready to move on, then this is a must read for you!

Squad, Assemble!

“Call the girl squad! Your friends have been there themselves. Let them rally around you and remind you that even though you’ve been hurt, there are people who still love you and recognize just how fabulous you are!” — Managing Editor, Dina Sartore-Bodo

“Have an all-out jam session with upbeat music, either by yourself or with girlfriends. Tegan and Sara, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato all have great breakup anthems!” — Editorial

Coordinator, Gabriella Ginsberg

“Grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and watch Gossip Girl. Then call your BFF or your mom and start talking sh-t about your ex.” — Weekend Editor, Avery Thompson

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

“Remove ALL traces of him! Unfriend him on Facebook, unfollow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. If he hurt you, he’s not worth checking up after he’s gone.” — News Editor, Lauren Cox

“Download a dating app! Tinder, Bumble, Hinge; there are SO many to choose from. Seeing how many people you match with will give you an instant confidence boost, and planning a bunch of first dates will get you back out there!” — Social Media & PR Coordinator, Madison Smith

Focus On Your Awesome Self

“Find a hobby that’s all about you — a good book, a new sport, a new workout — something that you can do solo or with friends that is completely, 100 percent about you, and no one else.” —Senior Entertainment Editor, Emily Longeretta

“Remind yourself of the things that make you an amazing person and a great catch. When someone breaks your heart, it’s easy to be down on yourself and think that you did something wrong to lead to the breakup. But if you remember how many awesome qualities you have and stay true to who you are, it’s never going to be you who is the problem!” — Editor, Taylor Weatherby

“Totally throw yourself into activities, hobbies, work that you love. Don’t think for an instant about dating again. Don’t go on Tinder. Get super busy with purposeful activities. And also make sure to look fantastic while you’re at it – get a haircut, buy a new dress, put on makeup every day. You want to look and feel like the winner you are.” — Editor-In- Chief, Bonnie Fuller

“Pamper yourself! Get a massage, a mani/pedi and a blowout. Add in some retail therapy and that’s a recipe for feeling single and sexy!” — Beauty Editor, Dory Larrabee-Zayas Stream Music — Completely Unlimited & Ad-Free — Right Here

“Spend time focusing on yourself. Make it all about you! Go party with girlfriends, take a trip, have a spa day — make guys the last thing on your mind. Once you start loving yourself and realizing that YOU are not the problem, HE is, then you’ll find your self confidence again.

Then your inner strength will shine through and the right guy will be very attracted to it. Next thing you know, you’ll land Mr. Right.” — Senior Reporter, Chloe Melas

“It’s normal to take some time to be sad — so don’t discount those feelings! Spending some time by yourself and reflecting can be a very powerful thing. But once that short mourning period is over, it’s time to officially move on and not look back! Talk to a friend who makes you feel good; someone you can vent to and just have a good time with. You’ll be back on your feet in no time — and of course some Netflix binging can NEVER hurt!” — HollyBaby Editor, Kathleen Harper

“No matter whose fault the breakup is, try not to blame yourself or the ex. Learn what went wrong and use that towards your future relationship to make the next one better. You don’t want things to keep repeating themselves. Because everyone has broken up, it is only a stepping stone to learn and eventually be able to find your soulmate. Don’t forget to have fun and realize someone great is looking to be with you right around the corner.” — Senior LA Reporter, Russ Weakland

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