Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed In…Black?

Posted on Apr 3 2013 - 10:26pm by Samantha Ortiz

Picture-602After months of planning, everything is set. The flowers have arrived and have been placed, the food has been prepared and heated, the groom stands at the foot of the altar, and the crowd turns around to see the blushing bride…in black.

Though it’s always a nice day for a white wedding, many modern brides are looking to stand out even from the rest of the other brides getting married on their special day and they are doing so by wearing black. For generations, black has been linked exclusively to funerals but who’s to say that the allure of the, “little black dress,” can’t be spun into the elegance that normally accompanies a white Cinderella-esque, wedding gown?

Spring marks the beginning of wedding season and with the invitations slowly crowding the mailbox, guests too are growing tired of watching the same white and ivory and beaded designs float down the aisle. Brides and fashionistas are opting for non-traditional colors and wedding designers like Tova Marc, head designer for “Wedding Dress Fantasy”, are helping brides dye their satin and silk.

Extremely fashionable mega-star, Sarah Jessica Parker, was well ahead of this fashion trend when she wore a black gown to wed husband, Matthew Broderick in 1997, but today second guesses her choice and states that if given the opportunity, she would, “white it up.”

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