Is Commuting Hurting Your Relationship?

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 11:04am by Katelyn Connor


It turns out that the necessary evil of commuting to work is a little more malevolent than we thought.

A ten-year Swedish research study shows that men who commute more than 45 minutes to work on a daily basis are more likely to end a relationship. According to the study, the long commute puts strain on the male that translates into the relationship very easily.

However, there are a few hopeful factors that these researchers revealed. If the woman is the one commuting, there is a significantly less chance of the relationship going sour. In addition to this, if the relationship can last through five years of significant commuting, that relationship is definitely more likely to last for good.

Although this statistic is a little grim because everyone has to commute to work, there’s a bit of relief for Americans: the average commute time for working men and women is only 25 minutes!

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