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The tragic death of Natasha Richardson left Liam Neeson heartbroken. The popular Irish star, famous for roles in blockbusters such as Taken, Batman Begins and Love Actually, appears to have a new love interest 7 years after Natasha (of the legendary Redgrave family Richardson) died.

Neeson struggled to accept the loss of Natasha and described his grief as “a “profound feeling of instability” which he admits that he still gets sometimes. He stayed as strong as he could to raise their two sons Michael and Daniel.

Richardson and Neeson, 63, first met on Broadway in the early ’90’s, and wed in 1994. Back in March 2009, Richardson hit her head during a ski lesson in Montreal, Canada. After complaining of a headache back at her room, she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead at age 45.

Today Neeson is in a romantic mood as he plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his new girlfriend who he says is “incredibly famous.” While no one seems to know her name, it seems everyone is happy for him and sends him tons of good wishes for future happiness.

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