Loving Modern Dad: Playing Video Games While Getting a Pedicure

Posted on Dec 9 2014 - 9:34am by Allie Heart


A photo posted by a young father on December 2nd practically broke Reddit as it depicted him playing video games while snuggling with one of his young daughters and getting his toenails painted by the other.
The 28 year old father, Jon Arrigo, posted this photo on Reddit, captioning it “Just being a dad” and surprisingly caused some controversy. While some people commented on the post saying that they found it as charming as we did, some saw the picture as evidence of outright neglect.

Personally, I commend this young father for being comfortable in his own skin and caring enough to engage his daughter with something she is interested in. No one should be quick to judge to relationship between a child and a parent based on a photo. To me, this photo portrays the modern American family man, who does not see boundaries between the activities he can do with his children who are the opposite sex.

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