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Posted on Aug 12 2014 - 8:16pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

If celebs can’t have beautiful men and women draped on their arms, then who can? You may think they’re are shallow, but both participants know the deal. In exchange for use of their celebrity, these men and woman get to enjoy a hottie.


(1) Our list will undoubtedly be filled mostly by men, so let us begin with a little female empowerment by the talented and beautiful Halle Berry. Her ex, and the father to her child, is model Gabriel Aubry, who is sexy to the eye but as spiteful as a woman spurned once dumped. Which is exactly what Halle did, that is, dump him when she got what she wanted from him; his genetics. But before you pity him, remember that Halle has to shelve out $16,000 a month to this douche for child support because they have joint custody of their daughter.


(2) Singer and heartthrob to ladies in their twenties, Adam Levine loves his models. Specifically he loves Victoria’s Secret models, but it looks like he’s ready to settle down, for now that is, with the Victoria’s Secret model he’s now engaged to.

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(3) Another man with a passion for the women with wings is True Blood’s Joe Manganiello. He has always been a frequent visitor to the fashion show and sat front row, gazing up at the perfectly rounded assets of the models. He has since changed his tune however, with his new relationship with Sofia Vergara.


(4) Leonardo DiCaprio also treats the Victoria Secret catalog as his own personal dating phone book. No seriously, he even goes so far as to set up arranged dates through the model’s agency to hook up with these glamorous women.


(5) Modelizer, Bruce Willis proves that old tricks die-hard. Granted he’s been linked to some of the most beautiful women of the day, such as Demi Moore (who, despite her recent craziness, is and has always been a gorgeous woman). He is currently married to his latest conquest, model Emma Heming.


(6) Mark Wahlberg also married his model wife after a string of dalliances with models. But this situation is somewhat justified as Mark was a model himself, so it’s inevitable that you would date someone within the same circle as yourself.


(7) Johnny Depp loves his models too, from Kate Moss to Vanessa Paradis and now Amber Heard. It is no surprise that this serial modelizer has yet to truly settle down.


(8) Sexy back in the day, but not so much now, Richard Gere loved his models back in the nineties.


(9) Kanye West calls his models ‘muses’ that is after he sleeps with them he is magically inspired to write a new verse. His ex’s include model Amber Rose.


(10) P Diddy loves models too, although what these women get from him is unclear to me. With his overly-large ego, I seriously doubt any amount of fame is worth it.

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