Office romance: Some things to know

Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 9:15pm by Melanie Love

Office Romance

The office is always a place where controversy, romance, love and sex take place. It is the adult playground filled with temptation. It is where we meet people we otherwise wouldn’t meet. It replaces school or night clubs. It is where we spend countless hours a week, with people who are not our family, or even our friends, but who we collectively work closely with and get to know pretty well, laying the foundation to pretty hot times. Throw in a power structure, the forbidden rules, even marriage and family, and you have a petri dish of scandal.

Here are 3 Things you should when it comes to Office Romance:

1-Don’t Date Your Boss Or Direct Employee

This is just obvious, the favoritism it creates in the office environment is counter productive and will create resentment, even hatred and any good you bring to the company will alway be associated with that. Stick to equals or different departments, it will help you out if you really need to pee where you eat.

2-Don’t Keep It Secret

I worked in an office where two people were dating, they have since gone on to start a family, while I went onto not work in that hell hole. When it came out after 2 years of working together, where I was known to talk behind the bosses back to his girlfriend, I felt slighted and more importantly incriminate, because they would go home and discuss. There was another couple in the office, who made it more obvious that they were sleeping together, despite one of them being married, which also made the whole thing really uncomfortable for everyone. This why I am a firm believer of putting it out there in the open, because people aren’t idiots and can see what is going on most of the time, and if you lie about it, your lies will catch up to you and you will be hated, never trusted and seen as someone with questionable character, something you’d like to keep out of the office.

3- Don’t Get Too Attached

3 out of 10 office romances end in marriage, most are just flings…flings that start up in the heat of passion, on a business trip, because it is convenient and sexy, but ultimately, statistics aren’t one your side and one of you will get hurt, usually that person is the one who isn’t married, and with all break-ups, the inter-office awkwardness usually ends with someone looking for another job.

I figure keep work professional and keep your pants on because not much good can come from inter-office affairs, even if they tend to be a lot of fun!

Have you ever had an inter-office affair? Tell us about it in our comments!

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