Pin-Up Boys: Men in Classic Pin-Up Poses

Posted on May 8 2013 - 7:34pm by Samantha Ortiz


Who says that the modeling domain for pin-up culture is exclusively for the ladies? Not us! And neither does Paul Richmond. The Ohio-based artist has created a wonderful new series titled: “Cheesecake Boys”. This series casts hunky men in the mid-20th century style pin-up roles that have been traditionally played by women and have become iconic artworks. Among the many hunky men featured in this spread are Perez Hilton (Celebrity blogger), Mike Ruiz (photographer) and Alec Mapa (comedian). Richmond has described his collection as an, “equal opportunity” approach to pin-up culture.

Richmond has told the Huffington Post in an email, “it intrigues me that it was almost exclusively women who were depicted as hapless victims of skin-baring circumstance”. To counter this, Richmond’s models are shown in the moments just before a revealing and ‘accidental’ wardrobe malfunction and it works! The images are beautifully colorized and really give off the pin-up feel with a modern twist that is sure to please all kinds of audiences.

For access to Paul Richmond’s full series click here

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