Religious Love Affair?

Posted on Feb 27 2013 - 9:48pm by Melanie Love


I know the Catholic church gets a lot of negative press lately. From sex offense, to homosexuality and hypocrisy in what some may consider a dated system, or at least a system that can’t be “covered-up” as easily as it used to be, back when people feared the wrath of God and the Church.

We are not a political or religious site, we are here for love and romance, but when doing some research I came across this quote.

I left the priesthood 22 years ago to marry the woman I love. I was told to avoid public service in the church and in Catholic education as I would give scandal. My family still attend church, but we hang on by the fingernails.

Now, I have heard all the negative stories of Priests doing bad things, but we never hear about Priests leaving their positions and devotion to their God they are so committed to for love.

I just thought it was a nice story, that I guess some would say make this Priest a bad Priest, but as a Romantic, I just see the power of love overcoming all and that’s what we are all here for.

Let’s hope they make a movie, or at least a Romance novel about how this kind of thing went down. I am sure it was pretty steamy, with all that “Sinning”….

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