Sex in the Shower: Dangerous Adventure or Awesome on a Stick?

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On our Sexy Saturday Round Up someone posted a link to an article that stated how sex in the shower sucks. My mature response was nuh-unh! Sex in the shower is AWESOME.

Droughts aside, Here are 10 important reasons why SEX IN THE SHOWER RULES:

1)Boobs are great in the shower – all soapy. It’s an insta-cure for any body issues you may have.

2)Soapy butts—see boobs.

3)Backs are VERY sexy – you get a lotta back up close and personal in the shower.

4)Good smells in the shower – body scrubs, soaps, etc, all fun and fresh and clean.

5)The whole being tended to/caring thing. You’re getting scrubbed up, washed down, and dried off. Sometimes even taking turns. I think
it affects the body on the level of core biology to be tended to in this way and sets the mood for deep sexual bonding.

6) Temp control – if it’s hot, you instantly cool down. On the other hand, if it’s cold, you instantly warm up. I spent a winter in an apartment with no heat in Northern climes and survived nights purely by means of hot showers with a hot guy.

7) Skin when wet is sexy—slippery. It’s also tasty. Sucking on someone’s neck or fingers or lips while water is pouring over them is fabulous.

8) That great shower stall echo makes it sound like you’re having even HOTTER sex than maybe you actually are. Go ahead –inspire the neighbors.

9)There’s always something—or someone!–handy to lean against, to brace yourself against while you bend over to…um, wash your toes.

10) Basically grand monkey-sex is just waiting to happen in any shower.

About which – Yes, it’s a mild athletic challenge to have sex in the shower. A woman has a choice of hand grips, foot grips, and her own sense of balance. Exciting and adding a tiny edge of danger to the proceedings is gauging how much weight the shower rod can handle, or your partner can handle, or how long you can balance on the ball of your foot and three toes–all while finding a few spots to brace yourself and push back. (How people will ever have sex in space I just don’t know.)
And the little things can add so much opportunity to shower sex. God how I love a well-placed towel rack. Who was the genius who invented the little shelf in the shower btw? So—so helpful. The mind boggles at all that can be done with a little shelf handy.

Meanwhile, I love the new hotel showers with the incredibly solid metal shower bar that bows outward – (see my post on hotel sex post here). Brilliant! Big well placed mirrors often happen to be near showers – that’s fun too.

And whatever you’ve been doing in there, you can be instantly cleaned up in a jiffy.

The only problem I ever had, with shower sex, alas, was when I was once with a guy in an older shower — i.e. claw foot tub with curtain. During our fun we didn’t realize the inner shower curtain had flopped out of the tub. We were interrupted by someone banging on the door to inform us that downstairs water was flooding through the ceiling. Oops!

At any rate, like all worthy enterprises, sex in the shower takes some caution. Yet you are well repaid when after building up that steam-heat you can open up the bathroom door to go collapse into a heap on your bed afterwards. You haven’t just had a roll in the hay, you’ve traveled through steamy clouds and waterfall sprays, swung about like Tarzan, bellowed like a silverback, and finally returned to your home and bed with clean bodies on clean sheets, relaxed, happy, and–if you’re like me–ready to fall into a coma of contentment.

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Lady Smut is a blog for intelligent women who like to read smut. On this blog we talk about our writing, the erotic romance industry, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and whatever makes our pulses race.

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