The Legend of the Red String of Fate

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 1:23pm by Allie Heart


I am pretty sure many of us have wondered “what my future wife or future husband is doing right now?” This question underlies the idea of fate; that we believe there is someone that we are destined to be with. According to Chinese and Japanese folklores, we are definitely destined to marry someone, which is decided by the lunar god of marriage, Yue Xia Lao. He connects star crossed lovers by an invisible red thread around their ankles, (or little fingers according to the Japanese version). The legend that goes along with this myth is a very lovely story.

Once upon a time in a village in China, a young boy was walking home one night and he saw an old man beneath the moonlight. The old man told the boy that he is connected to his future wife by a red string and he takes the boy to go see her. The boy, being so young, and not yet interested in girls or finding a wife, foolishly picks up a rock and throws it at the girl before running away.

Years later, the boy grew up and his parents decided that it was time they arranged a bride for him. On the first night he met his bride–to–be, he uncovered her traditional veil and was enchanted to see that his soon-to-be-wife was one of the most beautiful women in the village. He noticed that she has an adornment over her eyebrow, so he asks her about it. She said that she uses it to cover the scar on her eyebrow that she got when she was hit in the face with a rock by a boy from her childhood. The young man is amazed to realize that the old man was Yue Xia Lao and that he was, indeed, was connected to his future lover by a red string.

What a wonderful beacon of hope. This story truly reiterates how we will never end up alone, all because a little red string tells us otherwise.


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