This May Be the Last Time – True Blood: Season 7, Episode 7

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 10:46am by Lori Perkins


As seems to be the tradition in this new season, there’s a somewhat unexpected murder in the first scene.

After interrogating Amber, Sarah Newlin’s vampire sister, and learning that Sarah is the cure for Hep V, but that she won’t turn her sister in now that she’s saved her. Eric gets so angry, he pops her like a blood-filled tick.

And the Yakuza proposes that they capture Sarah Newlin together and create a serum from her blood and sell it as Nu Blood, and offers 49% of the company Eric (and Pam) to be “the vampire Jennie Craig,” as Pam so eloquently puts it.

Meanwhile, Violet takes the star-crossed lovers to her very amazing home stuffed with stuffed animals and all sorts of sex toys. And then leaves the kids to themselves while she gets some “shut eye” and kisses Adeline on the lips after showing Wade a strap-on she got in Tanzania in the last century. When was the last time you saw a strap-on in TV?

And hot vampire Keith is hitting on Arlene something fierce. She’s trying to fight it, but you know she’s a goner. They are doing it on the pool table before you can say “Terry.” But it’s all a dream.

Hoyt comes back to Bon Temps with his new girlfriend, Bridget, for his mom’s funeral and doesn’t even remember Jason’s name, let alone the whole episode with Jessica.

Sookie calls a supernatural doctor to see if she can cure or stop Bill’s Hep V, and realizes that she should have called her fairy godfather, Niel, for help. Which she does, but to no avail. He just shows her scenes from Bill’s life and tells her that life, and death, are miracles. “Thanks for the life lesson,” she says, as she turns her back.

Sam tries to decide if he should stay or if he should go, or if Bon Temps is truly crazy town, as Nicole has said she’ll leave him, if he doesn’t leave. And Arlene drinks with him, and calls forth the hot vampire she dreamed about, and he comes and dances with her.

Sarah goes back to the Light of Day campus and is visited by the ghost of all her lovers, who tell her she is going to die tonight.

And Sookie goes back to Bill. They make love, his body veined with Hep V, as the song “This May Be the Last Time” plays in the background.

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