Top 3 Celebrity Bachelors

Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 5:39am by Melanie Love

Now we can never be too sure as to whether these celebrities are in fact single, they have million dollar PR teams feeding us their information. Not to mention, single is a loose fitting word, because sleeping with different women every night, or some women on repeat depending on what city you are in, may not quite qualify as eligible bachelor, but we will take our lead from the gossip sites and bring you this list in no particular order:

1- Leonardo DiCaprio :


Everyone loves both his boyish good looks and his abilities as an actor and by everyone, I mean lingerie models, because those are the only girls he seems to even notice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hope and pray that one day, you’ll teach him what a real woman is!!

2- Robert Pattison


After his long term “girlfriend”, who conveniently was also a great marketing strategy for the Twilight Saga, was caught with another man, also a great marketing strategy for the Twilight Saga, broken hearted Robert Pattison hasn’t mended the pieces of his hurt, because as of today, he remains single, available, and the victim of a horrible relationship that you ladies need to help rebuilt his faith in love.

3 – Johnny Depp


I mean girls have loved this guy since the 90s. He’s a legend and still maintains his artsy good looks. People find him gorgeous and have for what seems life for ever and with his recent split from the mother of his kids, who he has been with for 14 years, he was rumored to have got down with his co-star Amber Heard, but apparently that ended and he’s ready for you.

So if you didn’t have a Valentine’s Date last night, there’s always hope that dream date is around the corner, let’s just hope one single celeb of choice will be filming in your hometown sometime soon!

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  1. Alison February 17, 2013 at 5:58 am - Reply

    TOM HIDDLESTON!!!! Better than all three combined.

  2. Sarah February 18, 2013 at 4:38 am - Reply

    Robert Pattinson is still with his girlfriend.

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