True Blood Season 7, Episode 2 – A Town Like Saint Alice

Posted on Jun 30 2014 - 1:36pm by Lori Perkins


What would an episode of True Blood be like without a little homoerotic fun? And so this episode opens with some hot M/M action between Erik and Jason, bare-chested no less, but, alas, it was all a dream. That Jason had. In church.

And so it goes.

Mayor Sam suggests to the population of Bon Temps that they clean up Arlette’s Bar & Grille because he is sure they are going to find her, as he and Vampire Bill and Sookie and Alcide are putting together a search party to try to find out where the infected troupe of vampires came from and where they are holed up now.

So off they go, leaving the town to get into trouble without them, and they do. The former mayoral challenger tells the townsfolk that Sam is a dog-shifter, cannot really protect them and they should get some guns, which are in in the Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Andy is out looking for his missing Holly (who has been kidnapped by the infected vampires) and trying to keep his one fairy daughter safe, who has blood bonded with Jessica, who almost killed her last season.

So when Andy comes home and finds out that Jessica is sleeping in the attic after his daughter has invited her into his home when he has specifically told her not to, he’s a little pissed off until Jessica tells him that his daughter is in danger.

Meanwhile, the Sookie patrol has found a dead girl on a highway who is from two towns over, so they decide to take a day trip to the next town to see if they can learn anything. And they do. They learn that the infected vampires have wiped out the entire town of Saint Alice, as Sookie reads the dead girl’s diary about falling in love with a vampire, and flashes back to her own memories of falling in love with Bill and going to the vampire club Fantasia.

Which is where they should be now instead of Saint Alice, because the infected vampires are holed up in there with Arlette, Holly and Sam’s very pregnant girlfriend as prisoners who may just be able to escape because the vampire in charge of them taught Holly and Arlette’s kids when she was a teacher and she remembers them.

And then we flash to fabulous Pam in the Rhone Valley of France where she finally finds Erik, who has been infected.

Role credits. Same time next week.

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