True Death for True Blood? – True Blood Series Finale

Posted on Aug 25 2014 - 8:16am by Lori Perkins

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So the episode starts with Bill and Sookie talking about Bill’s choosing to die.

“What if all I want right now is to see you live?” she asks.

He tells her that this disease has made him feel more human than he felt when he was alive. He explains that he went by his family’s grave and knows he belongs there. “If we stayed together, I would be denying you” the best part of a life. He tells her she should have children and he can’t give her that.

Then she asks why he doesn’t just break up with her and he tells her he can’t. He loves her too much.

He asks her to kill him with her fairy light.

“What you are is amazing, but so is being human,” he tells her. “Show me the true death and you’ll be setting us both free.”

Meanwhile Eric orders Pam to set Sarah free and explains that he is going to kill the Yakuza with the line, “I’ve tried sharing and I’ve tried trusting, and it’s just not working for me.”

Eric has Pam give Sarah some of her blood, so that Pam can always find her. And then he releases her and tells her to wait for Pam to find her.

Then they kill the Yakuza. And Eric even manages to look hot driving a car with blood all over his face.

Pam finds Sarah on the merry-go-round where Eric turned Willa. Sarah tries to convince Pam to turn her into a vampire now that Tara is gone, because she is “such a bad person.” And gives her the line about how she now wants to be “the woman behind the woman.” Pam says, “And you’re gonna be a lesbian now?”

Pam makes it clear to Sarah that she has no interest in her other than in her blood.

Jessica and Hoyt visit Bill and she tells him that she doesn’t want him to die, but she will be fine. And that she will figure out a way to accept his decision.

And then he asks Hoyt, as a dying man, if he has any intention in the future of marrying Jessica. And when Hoyt asks Jessica to “make him an honest man,” she pulls Bill into another room and confesses that even though she’s a vampire, she has dreamed about her wedding day since she was a young girl, and the proposal she just got was nothing like her daydreams.

Then she says that if Hoyt does really want to marry her, she wonders if it could be today.

So there’s a wedding. With Jason as best man and Sookie as maid of honor.

And Bill asks Sheriff Andy to be his legal heir (since he is his oldest living relative) and rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt for a dollar a month, because he can’t leave it to Jessica.

And as Bill starts to die, Sookie can hear his thoughts, which she could never hear before.

She visits him to give him what he has asked for. By killing him with her fairy bolt, she will have to give up her fairy identity, but she loves him so much, that she tires to do this, but she can’t.

She tearfully asks Bill, if he still wants to die, and when he answers, “please,” she stakes him. In his coffin, in his grave, straddling him, like a lover. They kiss, she kills him. And he even helps her drive the wood into his heart, after they have both told each other that they love each other.

Unlike Eric, Sookie does not look sexy splattered in blood.

You think its over when she walks out of the graveyard, but then you get the Eric Northman infomercial for New Blood, which is almost worth watching this ridiculous episode for (and a cameo from the author Charlene Harris as a camerawoman). And then Pam and Eric ringing the bell to open the New York Stock Exchange.

The final scene is Thanksgiving in Bon Temp three years later, so you can see what has happened to everyone. Sookie is almost nine months pregnant having hooked up with that guy that showed up in episode one of this season; Jason has married Hoyt’s girlfriend and they have a passel of kids; Sam is a dad too; Lafayette is still with Jessica’s ex; Arlene has her vampire boyfriend too. It’s just one big happy dysfunctional paranormal family.

Eric and Pam run Fangtasia, and they rent out Sarah Newlin and her blood in the basement. “A hundred thousand dollars for one minute with her,” Pam says as Sarah cries and imagines her ex-hubby Steve Newlin ridiculing her.

We return to Bon Temp for a closing Thanksgiving shot, as Zeppelin plays in he background, “If the sun refuses to shine, I will still be loving you.”

So, what’s the next paranormal soap opera to watch? Let’s face it, I’ve waited seven years for this ending. I’m addicted to vampire trash.

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