Women Who Love Tattoos and The Tattooed Women We Love

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 10:14pm by Melanie Love

Not that long ago, elaborate tattoos were only found on the bodies of men, but most women under 40 today have a tattoo and many of them have been working on it for years, and have even designed their tattoos themselves. Below are some of our favorites.


“My dad (that adopted me) had a boat and camping and that boat are some of my fondest memories. I gave him a hard time growing and he would always ask where my brains were at. It’s a non traditional ‘in memory of’ tattoo.”


“I was born with a genetic disease called, Cystic Fibrosis. Early on in my life, I was diagnosed at 18-months, they teach you how to say, Cystic Fibrosis by saying: 65 Roses. So that was my dream: To stop being embarrassed that I was covered in scars and embrace who I was. This tattoo reminds me that I’m strong, that I’m blessed, that I have one hell of a family and one hell of a story to tell. I will never be ashamed of who I am because of the scars that cover me, scars I never asked for but saved my life, or the art I’ve gifted to my body that reminds me to be proud of who I am, and what I’ve overcome.”


“My tattoo expresses freedom from my scar that I always touched, it became a butterfly beautiful in my eyes.”


“When I was younger, my great uncle always told me, “”if you can’t behave, be safe.’ Every time I’d see my grandpa, he would tell me to ‘Be bad.’ When they both passed, I had these done. Two important men in my life, who didn’t know each other, were basically telling me not to take life for granted.”


“My ‘Live through this’ is a reminder I survived preterm labors and loss of my twins. Born two weeks apart, Tierney was born still and Eden had her sunrise and sunset two weeks later, but I missed her whole life outside my womb. Why? I was hemorrhaging and my vitals not conducive with life. But I lived and I need that damn reminder to keep me strong and to keep me going!”


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