An Exclusive Interview with Best-Selling Erotic Romance Author Trinity Blacio

Posted on Oct 21 2016 - 10:55am by Melanie Love


How in the world did you come up with Frankenstein’s Submissive?

I wanted a Halloween story and who better than Frankenstein to be the alpha male, dominant? Tall, pins in places not where the original story says, wink, wink!

What’s next in the series?

Marci’s story. Think five hot gargoyles, masquerade ball, ancient ruins.

Who are the Wicked Sisters?

Three girls all born on the dark moon, fostered and born to one couple. With their wicked desires and tempers, only the strongest men would be able to handle them.

What are your Halloween plans?

Irish whisky crème and handing out Halloween candy if I don’t work that night.

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