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What inspired you to write this novel?

I was inspired by a conversation with a friend who told me that she was frustrated and downright angry because she could never pick up a book and read about herself. It got me thinking and I realized there South Asian LGBT fiction especially involving women was not something that people wrote about. And I realized it had to be written because we, as a South Asian LGBT community, exist. And we breathe. And we love.

Did you fall in love with your characters?

Absolutely! I fell madly in love with Jess, Vanessa, and Anjali. Especially Anjali. I feel as if they are people I know and while writing, I had conversations with them about what they felt and wanted.

Are you drawn to love triangles in particular?

I am drawn to love. The love triangle is an aspect of love that does intrigue me because it is so fascinating to me how the heart works and how love can exist in multiple places, in multiple people simultaneously.

Were you ever tempted to write a traditional happy ending?

Oh God yes. I really was. But I am a strong believer in karma. And I believe Jess’s karma couldn’t allow that. And I realized that in this story, regardless of the outcome, someone’s heart would be broken.

What were the lesbian romance novels and books that influenced your writing?

That’s just it…there weren’t any. I was, however, deeply influenced by films such as Lost and Delirious and I Can’t Think Straight.

What are you working on next?

I am working on a story of heartbreak. It’s not a love triangle and it’s a lot more emotionally wrought than Nights Like This. It delves deeply into the what it means to love and lose and how the experience changes the essence of who we are.

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