Bound, Spanked and Loved: Interview with Sierra Cartwright

Posted on Jan 26 2016 - 11:20am by Renee Rose

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I had the recent pleasure of collaborating with award-winning, #1 Amazon and international bestselling author of contemporary BDSM romance, Sierra Cartwright. She made the USA Today best-seller list years ago under another pen name in a book written for Harlequin author. Now she’s making her second meteoric rise as the acclaimed author of steamy, dark and kinky erotic romances. She and I will both have stories featured in a BDSM box set called Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine’s Day Stories, which releases Feb. 9th.

Renee Rose: Hi, Sierra! I was recently invited to be part of BDSM book discussion group on Facebook, and nearly every reader in there named you as their favorite author in the genre. I’m excited to have the chance to connect with you and dig into your latest projects. Any new releases coming up?

Sierra Cartwright: Oh, my God! Thank you for saying so. Come sit next to me and tell me that again, slowly. Very slowly.

Seriously, 2016 and beyond promises to be really exciting. A couple of years ago, I remember wishing that I could work on collaborative projects with other writers. (Writing can be somewhat solitary, and I’m a bit of an extrovert. And I love the creative energy that people working on a project can generate.) So when the opportunity to be in a boxed set came along, I was deliriously happy.

Participating in the Bound, Spanked and Loved Valentine’s Day boxed set gave me a chance to work with thirteen other really talented authors (including you, Renee!). Some of the writers are new to me and others I’ve known and respected for years. Part of me wanted to pinch myself when I saw the author list. We’ve shared ideas, helped each other with blurbs and cover copy, and we’ve participated in some really fun events. This has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with.

I’m also going to be contributing to another anthology that comes out in March. My title is Hard Hand, and it will be in the One Night in Vegas boxed set.

Then the long awaited final book in the Donovan Dynasty will be available in April.

You can expect at least the first book in the new Bonds trilogy to publish before year’s end.

Renee Rose: What’s special about Master Class: Initiation in the Bound, Spanked and Loved boxed set?

Sierra Cartwright: I haven’t written a novella in a long time, so getting to write a shorter story was really fun for me. I’ve been writing 80-90,000 word novels recently, so the pacing (getting to the BDSM and sizzling sex faster!) was really fun. Additionally, the excitement that comes from working with a number of really talented people was a bonus. (I still can’t believe readers are getting fourteen brand-new naughty novellas for only ninety-nine cents. Isn’t that crazy?) And I feel so honored to be a part of such an amazing group of writers.

Renee Rose: For our readers–how long will the box set be available at the initial price?

Sierra Cartwright: Until Valentine’s Day, and then the price goes up. This is actually only available for a limited time. After March, the boxed set will be gone forever.

Renee Rose: What’s your all-time best-selling book? Would this be the book you recommend to someone interested in checking you out? If not, what’s the best “introductory” Sierra Cartwright book or story?

Sierra Cartwright: I’ve had number of books hit the top ten in BDSM at Amazon, including With This Collar (#1 in the UK). Most recently, Bind hit #17 in overall sales at Amazon and won a Reader’s Choice for best Erotic Romance of 2015, so those are probably the most popular. But we all have such individual tastes. I have a little bit of everything from introductory (BDSM 101), to cowboys (Over the Line that won best BDSM of 2013 and Brand in the Donovans), to romantic suspense (Hawkeye).

Renee Rose: What other books/series have you written?

Sierra Cartwright: I have written and published well over forty books and novellas under several different names. As Sierra Cartwright, I have a number of standalone books and novellas, and I have four series, Hawkeye (romantic suspense featuring BDSM), Mastered, Bonds, and I’m working on the Donovan Dynasty right now. Even if they’re part of a series, none of my books have cliffhanger endings, so they can be read in any order.

Renee Rose: Do you always write about dominant heroes and power exchange (under this pen name)?

Sierra Cartwright: Almost always. When I first started writing under this pen name I wrote one book where the heroine was the Domme. In the Den, part of the Mastered series, features a female dominant who submits for the first time. The experience is heady for her. But of course, she’s with a man who’s a relentless Dom. I really love my alpha heroes, and so far, they’ve all turned out to be Doms!

Renee Rose: What makes a hero hot to you?

Sierra Cartwright: I want to write heroes who make the reader swoon. More than anything, he has to have a streak of kindness. It may be buried deep, but it’s there. In addition, he has to have a good sense of humor. I’ll say he’s good-looking, even if it’s just in the eyes of the heroine. He’s going to be sharp. But most of all, he’s an alpha male, and every bit an unrelenting Dom with integrity. I’ll be honest, I also have a weakness for bad boys. Put him in a leather jacket, and…yum…

Renee Rose: Are you a fan of non-con or dub-con? How do you handle the dance of consent in BDSM fiction/scenarios?

Sierra Cartwright: In real life, and the books I write, I am huge on consent, and my protagonists will always discuss it, and I try to make sure their conversation is hot, hot, hot. My hero will push the heroine’s boundaries, but with a word or signal that he will honor. That said, I totally understand the allure of dub-con. For Silhouette, I wrote a book where the hero kidnaps the heroine to keep her from doing something he considers reckless. I guess you can argue that’s dub-con, but the sex was totally consensual. (It was a non-kink book.) In my personal reading, I totally enjoy dub-con.

Renee Rose: You might not be able to answer this question, but what do you think it is about your books that makes you a favorite amongst BDSM readers? (I should ask this question in the reader’s group to see what they say!)

Sierra Cartwright: I always strive for three things: Emotional honesty, gritty, hot sex, and alpha heroes who are single-mindedly focused on their woman, and something unexpected and fun (a mechanical dog with an undesirable oil leak, or a parrot that dive-bombs the hero for example). This helps to give the reader a break while showing a softer side of my characters. I know that readers are freaking smart, and they know when something feels authentic. I write from personal experience and draw from real-life when I craft my stories. More than anything, I strive to write books that are relatable, hot, fun, and emotional.


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About Sierra Cartwright
Winner of the 2015 Reader’s Choice Best Erotic Romance (Bind), 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line) Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now resides in Galveston and calls Texas home. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called “sugar” is an experience unto itself).

She’s a multiple CAPA nominated author who is delighted by the success of With This Collar, the first book in a six-book series Mastered from Totally Bound. With This Collar reached #1 on the Amazon UK Kindle Erotica chart, and #3 in the US Amazon Kindle bestseller list.

Confessions From Romaholics says, “If you’re not reading her books, you’re missing out.”

Twitter: @SierraWrites

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