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Posted on Jan 27 2017 - 1:42pm by Melanie Love


Lambda-Award winning author Debra Hyde sat down with RomanceBeat to discuss the re-publicaiton of her classic erotic romance, Blind Seduction, which features a happily married couple celebrating their kinky 10th anniversary.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was firmly entrenched in the sex-positive erotic community at the time of Blind Seduction’s conception, with a long list of published short stories. I wanted to portray an established couple seeking to expand their sensual horizons while also showing the finest aspects of the BDSM community. And, of course, presenting lots of kinky, imaginative sex scenes. I figured it would be an interesting median with erotic romance on one side of the road and what had been male-centric pornography on the other.

Why did you want to republish it?

It’s a personal favorite. Something of a kinky Canterbury Tales, and I think it still has legs to stand on.

Erotica has changed dramatically since Blind Seduction’s release years ago. Back then, hardly anyone would review it. BDMS erotica was, to many people, extreme and untouchable, especially in the romance community. All that changed with the continuing rise of erotic romance and then the juggernaut of 50 Shades of Grey.

I hope Blind Seduction can find an audience today with romance readers. I hope they’ll want to explore beyond the usual and spend some time with a novel where love and commitment is the romance, and where kinky play abounds

What are you working on?

I’m working on something of a sequel to my Lambda-winning novel Story of L. It’s a separate novel, set in the leatherwoman’s bar, Hippolyte, and I hope it’ll be the start of an ongoing series.

I’m also working on the next historical mystery novel to my Charlotte Olmes series. It has kinky content, too—I guess I just can’t get away from my writing roots in erotica!

What’s the future for BDSM romance?

Good question. My fondest hope is that BDSM romance finds a permanent home and readership within the larger romance community. It would be rewarding to have a loyal fan following, ongoing respect and inclusion, and great stories worthy of the community!

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