Lisa Renee Jones: Finding Love In the Most Unexpected Places

Posted on Aug 19 2014 - 10:03am by Kaitlyn Jeffries

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Renee Jones, bestselling author of The Inside Out series, about her own perfect love story, one that any writer (or die-hard reader) could wish for and appreciate. The basic storyline is that they Lisa and her husband met in a Barnes & Noble, as Lisa dreamed of her future as a writer and her husband (an avid reader) browsed the shelves when he spotted her. He approached her and the rest is history. However, when I talked to the author, I wanted to go deeper into this romance and hear all the heart-warming details about their love story as well as what she is up to now in her career.

(Q) We’ve read all the sweet stories about how you met your husband in B&N, but can you tell us the real story, the romantic details of what drew you to him at first sight?

His eyes! He has big brown eyes that made me melt. But he also loved books and fitness. He’d seen me at the gym so he was quick to talk to me about two things I’m passionate about. I ran into him there again a couple days later and we had coffee and talked books and it was confirmed. I was hooked!

(Q) How soon after you met did you decide to marry?

Ten years. That sounds like so long but I got married the first time when I was poor and struggling. We were so happy that I wanted to wait for a special time of celebration where we weren’t living the life of a struggling artist, which by the way, he embraced. He was all about believing in me even when I did not. So last year when we got married it was really a celebration of the life we’d built together where that was what we wanted it to be. And we went back to the place we confessed our love to do it, and to the place where I’d set The Inside Out novels- San Francisco.

(Q) How is it for him being married to a best-selling author?

A lot better than it was being with a starving artist!:) He is so very supportive and into my career that it’s fabulous. He and I auction hunted, aka Storage Wars, to survive the slim years.

He found a journal in a unit that inspired The Inside Out series, so he feels very connected to it. He was funny. He read that journal like it was addictive, immersed in the writer’s scandalous life. He insisted I had to write a story where a journal in a storage unit led to danger and death or…zombies! I left out the zombies.

(Q) Has your husband inspired any of your characters?

He inspires a lot of Chris from Inside Out. While they are different, the part of Chris that can be very macho but still tender is very much Diego.

(Q) What’s next for you, in your career?

The last two novels in The Inside Out series are releasing August 19th and then in November. After that there will be a spinoff series from one of the characters named Ella. Next year is the conclusion of The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, which I recently sold to Gallery Books.

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