40 Years Later – The Secret that Ended Tennis’ Golden Couple

Posted on May 3 2013 - 8:14pm by Melanie Love

Picture-958In the 70s, champion American Tennis players, Chris Evert and Jimmy Conors were an item. They were two young people, excelling in the same sport, competing at the same Grand Slam events. It was a perfect environment to start a long lasting romance, which is probably why they were engaged to be married, but the wedding was called off.

Neither discussed what happened, what went wrong, why the change of heart, and the world watching on, were left mystified by the event, because to onlookers – it just made sense for them to marry.

Well, fans and romance-philes alike, will be glad to know that that Jimmy Conors has just released his memoir, and he finally puts the 40 year mystery to rest.

It turns out, when he was 22, he got Chris Evert pregnant. Evert, a devout Catholic girl, ended up having an abortion. She was 19.

Conors claims that he was ready to have the baby and take responsibility as a parent and that Chris Evert had already made up her mind without consulting him. She chose her career over motherhood, which I guess he felt was not the way for a girl he was going to marry to conduct herself.

They were both number ones, both alpha personalities, ultimately not the best for Jimmy’s idea of a good marriage.

Since Jimmy, Evert went onto marry three times, all three ended in divorce.

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