50 Shades of Grey is “A Modern Love Story”

Posted on Jan 6 2013 - 9:57pm by Melanie Love


There is no arguing that the steamy viral sensation is a hot and heavy book . The fact that it has seen so much success is proof of that. But with anything that hits a chord with people, there are a lot of people who are calling it smut, pornography and inappropriate. You know sensationalized sex because sex sells.

Kelly Marcel, the British screenwriting in charge of taking the best selling book to the big screen recented told Style Magazine that the novel is not just about the sex. She is claiming that the sado-masochistic novel, that women everywhere can’t seem to get enough of, is in fact a modern love story.

Despite these claims, Marcel has also said that there is a lot of sex and it is a raunchy screenplay….but she goes onto say that the story involves two very complex characters and that no matter what you think or say the Christian character is old-fashioned and romantic.

The movie will be rated NC-17 and most of the encounters are written into the movie.

She also refused to comment on who the much anticipated main character will be, instead she diffused the question saying that no actor would sign onto a project without there being a script. Something, I find hard to believe, as everyone knows this movie is going to be a massive success and that there is probably a line-up of actors waiting to get in on it.

The good news is that she says wants the fans of the book to love the movie just as much.

What do you think, is 50 Shades a modern love story or sensationalized smut? More importantly, who do you want to play Christian. Let us know in our comments!

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