A Love That’s Sky-High

Posted on Jun 18 2013 - 11:41pm by Samantha Ortiz


A couple’s big entrance as husband and wife is monumental and will be a memory that will last for a lifetime. Heather Howley and Marius Ivascu’s wedding entrance will be pretty near impossible to forget, dropping into their wedding reception from the sky. Howley, 30, owns Independent Helicopters at Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, NY and her husband, 31, is a pilot. With these credentials how could they not incorporate what they love into such a loving moment? After their Saturday wedding Howley piloted the helicopter, opening the doors at 3,000 feet to allow Marius, her husband of only a few hours, to parachute to the ground at their wedding reception at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, an aviation history museum.

The grand entrance was natural for the couple. Marius was inspired by Heather to get his pilot’s license and their first date was at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome on a rainy day that stopped them from flying. The bride admits however that, “it was tough flying in a poofy wedding dress and a bomber jacket coupled with five-inch heels.” So uncomfortable in fact that the bride ended up flying barefoot!

After the ceremony the couple asked their guests to wait in the parking lot of the Aerodrome to watch as Marius parachuted down from the plane flown by his new bride. The guests were not surprised at the aviation theme of the wedding, but stunned by the groom’s not so subtle entrance.

For their honeymoon the couple are flying themselves (of course!) to Niagara Falls for a three-day getaway, in Marius’ 4-seater plane.

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