A Steamy Romance Saves a Family

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 3:37pm by Katelyn Connor

This is one way to fight the recession.

Last summer, Jack and Jasinda Wilder fell into a deep financial crisis.
While raising a family of 5 children, the couple received major cuts on their salary at the same time their youngest son contracted a serious virus. Jack had to drop out of a teaching program that was paying half the bills in order to care for him, while Jasinda received news that her school programs were cut.

With all this financial and familial chaos, the Wilder family almost lost their house.

In a desperate attempt to combat this terrifying news, the couple began writing romance novels and e-books and self-publishing them on Amazon.com. Their titles began to gain popularity and started to supply barely enough income for them to pay their monthly bills. The couple took this as a sign, and furiously began to write more. Within six months, the couple had published 20 titles- and one really struck gold.

One of their spring romance novels Falling Into You: a story about the sudden death of a first love- gained so much popularity that it made its way onto the New York Times Bestseller List. When the book hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller list, the couple went hysterical. The family would never again have to worry about financial difficulties or losing the home they created.

Within a year, the couple sold over one million e-books, and the home that was so close to being lost, was found within the pages of some unsuspecting readers. This publishing empire of a family would never again fear losing a house.

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