Amanda Seyfried Says Women Respond To Love Differently

Posted on Jan 6 2013 - 9:56pm by Melanie Love


The recent star of Les Miserable, Amanda Seyfried has recently been quoted saying “Love is the most powerful emotion there is. That is why we are always talking about being in love, wanting to be with a great partner. I think women respond much more deeply to those feelings than men. That’s why it’s dangerous if men break our hearts, we never forget.”

She goes onto admit that she’s been unlucky in love, and has had her heart broken by actor Dominic Cooper.
She added that she can be insecure and at times being in love is something that is important and reassuring to her. She says she’s had her heart broken but that you can’t let that hold you back.

It’s hard to believe that even Amanda Seyfried, a beautiful young actress at the top of her game has found difficulties in love. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Do you think women respond to love differently than men? I know plenty of men who have had broken hearts that they can’t get over and I know plenty of women who have moved on very easily.

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