Are Gisele and Tom Heading for Splitsville?

Posted on Sep 3 2015 - 7:43pm by Melanie Love

The marriage of one of America’s most glamorous (sports related) couples appears to be in trouble. Gorgeous supermodel Gisele Bundchen and New England quarterback Tom Brady are supposedly going through a “rough patch.” Can this marriage be saved? Here’s some speculation about the rift:

The quote:

“Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started acting out on her,” says the source of the pair, who didn’t celebrate their summer birthdays together.

Their spats have become so heated that Bundchen recently consulted with a divorce lawyer, says a Brady insider. “Tom thinks it’s only a threat,” says the insider. “But this is definitely a rough patch.”

Our friend LAINEY noticed he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring…

But then today, he was.


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