Bride’s Last Moments with Father

Posted on Jun 26 2013 - 6:12pm by Katelyn Connor


This is by far one of the most moving pictures I have seen.

On the morning of her wedding day, Paige Eding of Zeeland, Michigan visited her father’s tombstone to have a few last moments with him before she married. Her father died suddenly of a lung infection in December of 2011. He was only 45. Paige was accompanied by her family to the site, but was able to have a private and emotional moment with her father. She said she wanted to take the moment so they could be together on her special day.

Kari Wieringa, the photographer who captured this beautiful moment, was moved to tears by the bride’s sentiment and love for her father. Having lost her own mother at the age of 7, she empathized with the bride and wanted to do all she could to make her day special. When Eding saw that Wieringa took the picture, she was thrilled. She expressed how she wanted to make sure her father was incorporated and remembered in any way possible.

This picture was posted on Wieringa’s Facebook page and soon after went viral. The beauty and sincerity of the photo captured the hearts of online viewers and sparked many memories and emotions. “We have all lost loved ones and a wedding never seems complete without them,” wrote one commenter. Another posted, “Such a powerful photo. Everyone thinks of those who have passed on such a wonderful, important day as your wedding.”

Although the outpouring of sympathy and compliments from viewers were overwhelming, a few Reddit users saw the photo as tacky and attention seeking. However, the beauty and bravery of this photo trumps all opinions. Eding’s special day was made even more touching to the community through this act of love for her father.

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