Clitoris in the Spotlight

Posted on May 7 2013 - 10:02pm by Katelyn Connor

Happy Clitoris Awareness Week! This year, May 6-12th is the first ever week-long celebration of the often hidden female body part.

The clitoris, a small bundle of very sensitive nerves, often goes forgotten. This negligence is exists because of its size, and because of the 19th century belief that the orgasms achieved through the clitoris were less effective when compared to vaginal orgasms. However, the clitoris can pack just as much punch as any reproductive organ. In fact, the clitoris can be as long as a penis. However, the majority of its length is inside a woman’s body, so this is often an unknown fact.

This week was created by the organization “Clitoraid,” a group based in Las Vegas whose mission is to help victims of genital mutilation around the world. Although their devotion to their mission is extremely serious, spokeswoman Nadine Gary revealed to the Huffington Post that the purpose of Clitoris Awareness Week is to bring light to the body part in a much less serious manner… which may or may not include members of Clitoraid dressing up in vagina costumes along the Las Vegas strip. And, it’s a perfect time to do so because it just so happens to also be National Masturbation Month as well!

Gary explains that making an awareness week about a more sensitive topic, such as sexuality, allows people to feel more comfortable talking about the issue at hand. This week opens the door to serious, productive conversations and even eventual change in the way people think about sexuality as a whole. Most recently, actress Rosario Dawson revealed during an interview that she calls her vagina “The General.”

All whimsical joking aside, International Clitoris Awareness Week is a perfect opportunity to start conversations and ask questions about why sexuality in general is such a strong taboo. The whole purpose of the mission is to celebrate the female body and female sexuality, not to hide it. The more society celebrates and respects all aspects of the female body and female sexuality, the closer we will get to ending genital mutilation, and all violence against women.

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