Dear Dr. Hedda: What are your thoughts on Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Posted on Mar 4 2013 - 8:48pm by Dr Hedda Mae


Dear Dr. Hedda,

There is a lot of controversy about the young show biz couple Rihanna and Chris Brown. They split after he beat her up over a year or more ago and now they’re back together and it looks like they may be heading to the alter.

What do you think their chances are for a successful marriage? Is it possible for someone like Chris to change?

Is she too blind to realize the reality of the situation?

Dear Shauna,

Well it seems Rihanna and Chris are getting serious again, maybe even getting married. Makes you want to take her by the shoulders and shake her and say What are you thinking? What drug are you on? You are a very successful, beautiful young woman. You can have a wonderful, happy life and career
but probably not with this young man.

Some of us grow up faster than others. Sometimes when they are very successful, young people think their judgment is greater than their years. These two are both children in spirit. They should give themselves to mature a little more. They should plan out a future that exhibits of sense of control, planning and enjoyment.

Rihanna doesn’t want to imitate the tragic life of Whitney Houston. Choosing the wrong charismatic man who led her down a path of self destruction.

They are still thinking like playful rich children. They aren’t mature enough to understand the consequences of combining an abusive man who is into drug use, has repeatedly demonstrated immaturity, and a young woman with attention-seeking behaviors and a need for drama in her life.

If this marriage takes place, there could be a bitter divorce battle, hopefully, before there are children.

And if I’m wrong, and some time in the future we are all celebrating their 50th anniversary I’ll be the first person to say “I still can’t believe this”. Well sometimes miracles happen, about as often as happily ever after in fairytales. And I’m betting reason and logic on this one. Two immature, intense, not very well grounded, drug using young people frequently make impulsive decisions by the light of the moon that quickly pale with the sun.

Dr. Hedda

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