Delaware Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Posted on May 7 2013 - 9:49pm by Katelyn Connor


Today, Delaware became the 11th state in the United States to legalize gay marriage. After three hours of debate, the Senate passed the bill onto Governor Jack Markell, who promised to sign it.

The bill does not give same-sex couples any more benefits that they already received from a civil union, but many supporters feel that the bill gives the couples the same respect as married couples, the same respect they deserve. Supporters also are looking toward the Supreme Court to overturn the law that currently prevents married same-sex couples from federal benefits.

Although there is much support for the bill, many opponents, including some Delaware religious leaders, argue that this bill redefines a building block of society. This argument seems to span across opponents all across the United States, but does not seem to be stopping any of the now 11 states from accepting this lifestyle.

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