Demi Moore Tried to Save Her Marriage with a Baby

Posted on Mar 14 2013 - 10:54pm by Melanie Love


A recent story has come out about the Ashton and Demi marriage. A source says that the marriage fell apart because Kutcher wanted to start a family, but despite years of trying, Demi just couldn’t get pregnant. The source went onto to say how good of a father she thought he would be, based on his relationship with her 3 daughters with her previous husband, Bruce Willis. Apparently, Demi believes that if they had a child, Ashton wouldn’t have been out partying and he would have never cheated on her.

This story, seem a little insane to me. It is totally possible that she said this, because with a virtual break-down post break-up, she probably said a lot of things, but from a relationship perspective, or at least from a perspective of love. Cheating just shouldn’t happen ever. You shouldn’t have to lock your significant other up at home with a child to keep him from straying. He should not stray because he is in a healthy and happy relationship.

There is a lot of delusion in this story, but we think their relationship was doomed to begin with and probably better than a third party wasn’t brought into the chaotic mix!

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