Has the Millionaire Matchmaker Made the Ultimate Match?

Posted on Mar 20 2013 - 6:16pm by Samantha Ortiz


Still basking in the success of the latest episode of Millionaire Matchmaker to premiere on Bravo last night, Patti Stanger may have more to celebrate in the coming weeks. The matchmaker, 51, proudly boasts that her company, The Millionaires Club has a 99% success rate and though the company has grown since its creation in 2000, many were skeptical because the so-called matchmaker, had yet to find herself a match.

Luckily, according to People Magazine, Miss Stanger’s luck is about to change. People has quoted Stanger as saying, “We’re not engaged yet…but maybe watch the finale and you’ll see something.” What a way to secure the ratings!

Stanger and mortgage banker, David Krause, have been dating just over a year after meeting online, but already live together and Stanger sports a “promise ring.” The next ringing Stanger will be hearing will be the wedding bells. It seems like this matchmaker and CEO has finally met her millionaire.

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